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The History of Delhi Radio

January 14, 1946: Les Lasko opened Delhi Radio at 103 King Street, Delhi. It was a modest beginning, located on the main highway between two movie-theatres. Amid other businesses hungry for the post war spending on essentials denied during the war years, Delhi Radio offered modern conveniences like refrigerators, ranges and washing machines. Toasters, mixers, irons and fans became symbols of a postwar way to live. Radio and phonograph machines were the envy of every family and there was rumor of a talking picture box called television in the not too distant future.

1950: With business booming Delhi Radio had outgrown the King Street location, and Les moved the business to 169 Main Street. For the next 24 years, Delhi Radio continued to grow along with the advance in electronics, the advent of colour television, as well as a consumer-oriented market of convenience features. During this time, the business grew, with the strength of many major lines acquired over the years. Delhi Radio’s policy became to sell the very best and “Service Everything We Sell”.

1972: Les hired Ron Vandenberghe and put him to work cleaning used wringer washers part time after school and on Saturdays.

March, 1974: Extensive renovations were made to a former grocery store, and a grand opening was held at the current location at 102 Church Street West. Larger floor space allowed a better display of the latest appliances and televisions for interested shoppers. The new store became more efficient and convenient for the staff, with warehousing at the rear, plus a full basement for storage, used appliances, repairs and additional display space.

About Us

1977:  Les Lasko’s son, Len Lasko, became increasingly involved with the business. After participating in the Business Management course at Western Kentucky University, Len became the new owner/manager of Delhi Radio in June of 1977. During the next several years, Delhi Radio adapted the motto, ” Satisfied Customer Service” and continued to enjoy steady growth.

1978: Ron Vandenberghe became the full time Service Manager at Delhi Radio.

1980s-90s: Nationwide there was phenomenal growth in two products: Microwave Ovens and Video Cassette Recorders. Satellite television systems showed steady growth as the broadcasting system of the future. Delhi Radio enjoyed the good years of the tobacco growing area, and as the tobacco industry declined, Len adapted to changing times with the help of a computerized office. Product re-alignments were made to improve customer selection and service. Maytag, RCA, and Panasonic became recognized Delhi Radio brand names. Furniture and bedding was added to the showroom and immediately became popular.

June, 1996: This year marked the 50th Anniversary of Delhi Radio. Several special sales events were held during the year, including a  “Who has the oldest working Woods Freezer?” contest that the town is still talking about. The “Arm Chair Olympics” in support of Camp Trillium was a charity event that was developed by Len. Delhi Radio’s new and current motto became “After 50 Years Everything Has Changed…Except Our Service”.

About Us

August, 2001: Things did change! Ron Vandenberghe, who had been service manager of Delhi Radio since 1978, purchased  the business from Len Lasko and became the new owner/manager. After 75 Delhi Radio continues with the same mission-  Offer the Best Brands and The Best Customer Service.

June, 2002:  Delhi Radio held a new promotion! It was designed to offer customers the chance to defer payment of any purchase over $400 and “all it takes is 10 bucks down” with no administration or delivery fees!

Today, Delhi Radio continues to offer financing options tailored to suit your needs.

2008: Ron was awarded the Delhi Citizen of the Year award by the Delhi Chamber of Commerce for his work with the Delhi BIA and the Delhi Revitalization Team.

2021: This year marks the 75th anniversary of Delhi Radio. But, after 75 years it’s time to retire!  After 49 years at Delhi Radio, Ron has decided to retire and close down the business by the end of May, 2021.

Ron and staff would like to thank all of Delhi Radio’s customers for their loyal support during the past 75 years!.

For Satisfied Customer Service… it’s Delhi Radio!

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