Ready for a new appliance?

We are now completely sold out of appliances!

Not only are today’s appliances extremely efficient and save you money, they work a lot better than they used to. At Delhi Radio, we carry a wide range of appliances by some of the best brand names in the industry.

From Washers and Dryers to Fridges and Stoves, Microwaves, Dishwashers and more. We sell a wide range of full-size appliances and apartment-size appliances for those small spaces.

and much more!

Energy Efficient Appliances

When appliances get old, it pays to have them replaced with newer ones that are energy efficient.

For example, an Energy Star certified Washer can use nearly 50% less water and 30% to 40% less energy per load! Come on in to the store and see our complete lineup.

Our Staff are Experts.

Our experienced staff  use these same appliances at home, because we believe in what we sell. Because we are a smaller business, we know first-hand the pros and cons of the products we carry. Quite simy, we won’t sell anything we would not use ourselves.

No matter what your needs may be, Lou Ann, Ron or Rick would love to help you choose the perfect solution for your appliance needs.

Not only will we install your new appliance, we’ll get rid of the old one for you!